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Mar. 9, 2008

It has been more than a month since I did any work on the plane. Two days after that last photo I found out I had a new retinal tear and my retina had detached. You can read about the subsequent events at my work blog. On this day I'm back to waiting for another surgery so it's time to work.

This is a view of the rudder horn cavity. The end of the wing is dug out just forward of the rudder. The rudder is eventually embedded into the rudder here and when the rudder is deployed the horn travels into the wing. This way none of the mechanism is out in the airstream causing drag. Early Velocities (and EZ's) had external mechanisms.

The walls and back all have gotten one layer of bid to protect the dug out foam. At the back you can see the nylaflow tubing that acts as the rudder cable conduit. This was a pretty small job but it seemed like a lot now that I was only using one eye.