This site is dedicated to the memory of, and is a tribute to, Steve Goldman. Steve was a friend and outstanding member of the Velocity builder community, and his presence will be sorely missed. This site captures his website as it was the day he passed, with the exception of the below picture, courteous of Andy Millin, a wink to the builder's spirit. Clear skies and tailwinds, Steve.

FatCatAir is the brainchild of Steve Goldman and Gretchen Niver. This website is a view into the world of FatCatAir.

We live on a private airstrip in Pittsboro NC. We moved there in 1995 after building our dream house. At the time I was a private pilot but I didn't own an airplane and there was no hangar on the property. In 2000 I began work on the hangar. The hangar would be a 40x60 building with a 20x20 observatory on the south side. For our big yearly party the intention was to have our hangar warming as the event. I worked on that hangar quite hard that year doing virtually all of the construction by myself. In late September I burnt out on the project and we cancelled the party for that year.

Come spring of 2001 I was re-energized and the hangar (but not the observatory) was completed. While lounging around in the spa trying to plan out the hangar warming party specifics we came up with the idea of our own airline FatCatAir.

It fit in perfectly with the fact we had six cats. Capitalizing on the cancelled party of the year before we came up with the perfect slogan for the fledgling airline, Better Late Than Never . That year all of the invitations were airline tickets. That party was one of the best we have ever done. FatCatAir was off and flying with a life of its own.

The observatory is now finished and I'm embarked on a project to make the hangar building look like a small effort. I am building an airplane, a Velocity. I had always wanted to build my own airplane and now I'll have my chance.

This site is a place for us to document the occasion of our yearly parties and also the progress on building the airplane. At this point the web site is itself very much a work in progress.